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Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital is a specialized kidney disease hospital, which is a feature hospital of Chinese medicine with inheritance of quintessence of Chinese medicine and has unique development in Chinese medicine, besides, it also a hospital equipped with advanced international modernize treatment methods. It mainly guides the health development of international modernize medicines and traditional medical development with the method of chinese medicine and puts forward the research, conversion as well as utilization and dialectical implementation. Nowadays, this hospital is a new and modernize medical institute integrating medicine, teaching and research, which is the most advanced inspection technology and equipment.

This hospital is located at the scenic area of The Ming Tombs, covering 6 0000 square meters. It has beautiful environment and scenery, having attractions of Badaling Great Wall, Mangshang forest park and so on. Here, it is surrounded by mountains and far away from noisy environment, besides, it is covered by king’s temperament and wind from mountains. Moreover, the content of negative oxygen is 6 times of downtown area in Beijing city, which looks like a natural bar of oxygen.

As a hospital with the standard of internationalization, Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital not only has excellent and famous renal experts, but also sophisticated and professional experts team. Besides, they provide foreign patients individual medical service and”explaining the illness condition ”service. Besides, it also provides advanced five ‘one’ service including a patient, a renal expert , a doctor, a nurse and a interpreter. Furthermore, it also provides 24-hour nursing care service, and patients can walk outside accompanied by specialized nurses, which helps patients enjoy family care and thoughtful services.

We are always putting patient’s benefits in the first place and we fully respect patients’ personality, dignity, privacy and the right to know and we fully respect, understand and take care of patients. Moreover, we provide one station comprehensive services including health examination, renal experts consultation, medical service. Furthermore, we also have treatment programs and treatment center based on Chinese featured medicines, including medicated bath, acupuncture therapy, cupping therapy, hot compress therapy, circle therapy, steaming therapy so as to provide patients high quality, high skills and all-around health service.

We try our best to provide convenience for patients to receive treatments, have green channel of guiding nurse services in whole course and build a comfortable, warming, trust, understanding and harmony medical environment. In the meanwhile, in order to help patients see doctor quickly, we set up 24-hous renal experts consultation hot line and online renal experts consultation system, forming the model of instant consulting, online answering, online appointment so as to try our best to help patients solve their problems.

We have comprehensive development in medicine, teaching and research. The hospital strengthens the guidance of policy in science and research and the construction of platform in science and research, promoting the level of science and research. Moreover, we have a number of research findings in the treatment and research of chronic kidney disease, which drives the overall academic level and medical level by scientific innovation and scientific progression.

Inspection center is equipped with 96 facilities that are used to test chronic kidney disease. Molecular Laboratory has 26 detection equipment including PCR detector, flow cytometry, which forms a complete set of detection system that is to detect disease from cells detection to molecular detection. Blood Purification center is equipped with various equipment that is to purify blood, including dialyzer, blood filter and a multifunctional Plasauto iQ21. We also have advanced advanced system including online live streaming and software so as to provide consultation service face to face.

We carry out rigorously the treatment standard constituted by World Health Organization. Besides, we analyze patients’ illness condition with the scientific approach of seeking truth from facts, strengthen the staff’s professional ethics and make hospital management system to be perfect. Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, with the development philosophy of high quality, high standard, high requirement, builds a trustworthy brand with the feature of advanced technique, effective effects, high quality services and reasonable price.

Adhering to the theme “Mission, Love, tenacity, innovation, thinking depends on health”and the prospect “build a external hospital, treat various disease ”and the idea of concentric circles service “what we do is for patients, Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital is in agreement with international medical organizations, employs a numbers of famous renal experts at home who are at the forefront of medicine and dialectically treat and implements personal treatment plan based on their illness condition. Moreover, we are specialized in treating various kidney disease and try our best to build a top renal experts type hospital.

Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital is located at Beijing, the capital of China, with the help of health system reform and full development of Chinese Medicine, it practices the theme of “Mission, Love, tenacity, innovation, thinking depends on health”, adheres to purpose “what we do is for patients”, insists on comprehensive development on medicine, teaching, research, pursues first-rate of management, service, technique, promotes the development of academic with the help of advantage of Chinese medicine and makes efforts to build a open, research and international hospital of Chinese medicine. In the meanwhile, we look forward to strengthen communication and cooperation with the industry colleague and friends in every filed and dedicate ourselves to Chinese medicine development and people's health.

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